A flight to nowhere

Where will we land? After hours of flight only clouds and unlimited blue surfaces, some little islands begin to appear scattered on the ocean surface…

More than 700 years ago the famous Moroccan traveller, Ibn Battuta, after landing on Maldives, wrote that its almost 2000 islands are one of the beauty of the world:

“When a ship comes to one of these islands it is absolutely necessary for her to have a native pilot in order to be able to put in at the other islands under his direction. They are so close to one another that the tops of the palm trees in one island are visible from another when the ship is putting out to sea. And if a ship misses the direction of the islands she cannot reach them, and the wind drives her to M’abar or to Ceylon. All the inhabitants of these islands are Muslims – religious and upright people. And the islands are divided into atols, each of which is administered by a governor who is called kardui.”

The “Fast your seat belt” sign is lighted and the airplane start rolling towards the capital island where Ibn Battuta lived for more than one year. Only one difference,a big difference: The island is not sand anymore and the concrete covered ever corner of it and even more, building arise as far as they can into the sky and a crowd of motorboats move fast all around….

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