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A Terrifying Dawn

We have a new tutor, his name is Peter Fraser. You can check his website and enjoy his pictures. During this term we are supposed to rethink our photography and my first session with Peter didn’t start very well. He ask us to close the eyes for 20 minutes, open them and take pictures. While waiting for my turn at the tutorial I noticed that Peter was extraordinarily excited by an unsharp tree which was covering 80% of the frame. After that, totally unexpected, I saw a friend totally overexcited speaking about his picture of a stone sleeping on the tarmac. Peter stared to say: “Do you realize what you just made, you made of the stone a gateway to other worlds, you made of the stone a god”. The friend replied saying that he was actually believing this was the best picture he ever took. I later ask him how did he obtained a strange vignetting on the left side of the image and he replied that actually was his own finger.

I would have like to throw him an egg.

I soon realized that he would have not like my pictures. I did the assignment early in the morning. I woke up at 5.30, I close the eyes for 20 minutes concentrating on the quietness of the street and the never-sleeping birds. And then I was out. It was dawn, that time of the day when the lights are still switched on but there is already enough light. i didn’t know what to photograph but soon  I got attracted by those little lights, switched-on here and there, in my motel-russian-style neighborhood and I went around taking picture of houses.

Peter Fraser was repeating: “I am terrified, I am terrified”.

He said that only a robot could take those pictures, he said that once they did an experiment to put a camera on a rail and taking picture every x meters and the result would have been similar to mine. I scared him. I am sorry.


  1. chiara

    Io adoro tutte queste righe dritte.

  2. This is awesome dude!!! So entertaining! How do I subscribe to your blog? Cant find the “follow” button – Armand

  3. I’m really quite terrified.

  4. Claudia

    Indeed, they are very terrific..

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