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A weekend in Abkhazia

During my little survey of Caucasus, I spent a couple of days in Abkhazia thanks to my friends who collaborate with the italian NGO Rondine. This organization, in short, try to reconcile ethnic groups in conflict with each other (in this case Georgians and Abkhazians), by assigning a fellowship to study in Italy, with the only condition that these students have to live all in the same house.

Abkhazia it has been famous in Soviet times for its mandarines, and as a favorite holiday resorts for the elite. I don’t want to write about the war for the ‘de facto’ independence of Abkhazia, which caused thousands of deaths and displaced hundred of thousands, twenty years ago. But the conflict remain frozen since then, the country is not recognized internationally (except from few other countries and, most important, Russia) and is ‘de iure’ still part of Georgia. However it is not convenient to be born in a country which doesn’t exist. To list few of the disadvantages: There will be no Olympic games in the neighboring Sochi for Abkhazia because the Olympic Committee doesn’t recognize it too. Students can’t go studying to abroad university (except the russian ones) with their Abkhazian high school certificate. Economic in a not existing country simply doesn’t work and unemployment is high.

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