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About Mamiya and about myself…

I love to cross London by night with my little bicycle. When the distance is so big that you live it as a real journey and you slide through the street, racing and zigzagging between cabs and buses. A warm night, a warm unexpected italian night. A red light, you stop, waiting for the yellow light and the thoughts are just flying together with you, through Marble Arch, above the Thames and deep, deep into the South. I know there will be a kebab at the end of the line. Bolu Kebab, I like it, it is the home of the unexpected with a nice guy from Iran who likes to draw women on the napkins while roasting my lamb shish.

I am just back from a networking party with the Panos photo agency. Network success close to zero. But the gin and the whiskey were good. I really don’t like to have to try to speak with people hoping they will remember me and hopefully like my work. I don’t like to have to speak with them hoping to have something back from them. I don’t feel I am necessarily better than any other photographer but I feel that the connections make a very big difference. I close my eyes, I take a deep breath and I take it as a game. I could never take it seriously, i would feel bad about it but if I think is just a big theatre piece then I can deal with it. I don’t care about becoming a known photographer, I want to care about doing something good and useful and to be able to survive with it. If it is not, I will stop doing it.

Cathrine before leaving for Egypt she lend me for one afternoon her beautiful camera. Shall I buy a Mamiya 7?

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