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Well, I guess i should show also the assignments in which I was not very successful, right? We had to work on a 5 picture story for this assignment:  1)The second picture, where she’s holding the book it is not a good one, i knew it but still I really was trying to find a visual way way to  tell the story of Mark Twain who inaugurated the library… 2) Most important the story I wrote about (below) is the whole story, while the pictures tell just about one day in the library… 3) Too much wide angle!

After the decision of the Brent Council to shut down the Kensal Rise library, the local residents decided to build an open air pop-up library just in front of the closed one. The Kensal Green library is famous because it was inaugurated by Mark Twain in the first September of the 20th centruy. He once wrote, “A public library is the most enduring of memorials … for it, and it only, is respected by wars and revolutions, and survives them.”

Apparently libraries are not very valuable for the Brent Council which opted for closing 6 of their 12 libraries to cut public expenditures. After the Court of Appeal refused to overturn the decision of the Brent Council, the residents of Kensal Rise are now asking to a permission to self-run their library.

Unfortunately the phenomenon is not isolated, in the UK more than 400 libraries, one out of ten, are closed or under the threat of closure.


 1 – Since October 2011, when local campaigners lost their High Court bid to save six local libraries run by Brent Council from closure, the only hope remaining to the local community is to obtain the permission to self manage their local library.

 2 – Pam Clarke, a local volunteer, show two Mark Twain’s book in front of the Kensal Rise Pop-Up Library. This volounteer-run small library lies outside the Kensal Rise Library which was inaugurated by Mark Twain 111 years ago and was recently closed by the Brent Council to cut off expenditures.

 3 – A mother and her child choose some books from the open air Pop-Up Library. One of the justification brought by Ann Johns, the Brent Council leader, for the closing of 6 council libraries, was that there is a shift towards being e-reader and that all Brent council residents will have access to a Virtual Library.

 4 – Many local initiatives are supporting the campaign to save the Kensal Rise Library. On Friday 17th of October Marcos Sanjurjo, a local book lover, suffering with Cerebral Palsy, swam 150 meters to raise funding.

 5 – Sal Yousaf closing the “doors” of the Pop-Up library, after another volounteering day.

The only hope remaining for the residents is that brent Council will allow them to sel-run the Kensal Rise Library, inaugurated by Mark Twain 111 years ago.


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    I lke the story you chose. A small story
    I agree with your self-assessment, although sometimes photos and stories are published together.. but some photos are not very clear indeed..

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