Saving dogs

A friend in Yerevan ask me to take some pictures of the kennel that she built along with the other volunteers of the NGO Pawsite Rescue Armenia. Their aim is to rescue dogs from the streets, to provide medical assistance and to try to find a family for them. They also save animals from public kennels where they would be killed otherwise.

Said that, I thought it was an easy job but is not at all easy to photograph dogs so scared by man that turn away every time you point the camera on them. So after a while I focused on the way the kennel was cleverly built using scrap metal and tarpauline, showing how much you can do with little to help others beings  and I came up with this serie which I have not shown to my friend. I hope she likes it.

Postscriptum: she likes it but it seems that all the dog were chained. “It’s a kennel I replied”. But yeah, there were also many free dogs, only the ones that might bite other dogs were chained…


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  1. claudia

    narratives behind images are important.. a blurred pic of lively dogs would maybe be a nice constrast in this series..

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