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Another ruined paradise

[Since the post is addressed mainly to italians you can find the english translation after the italian text.] “Vieni Mike, saliamo con gli sci di notte che domani ci svegliamo in un piccolo paradiso.” Mike è un mio amico irlandese … Continue reading

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Occupy Tbilisi

Only few tents protect the trees of Vake Park, the Georgian capital’s most popular green space, from the realization of a $20 million redevelopment project that would replace public commons with a private luxury hotel. Through the sub-zero temperatures of January … Continue reading

Projection brings Fukushima to Switzerland © 2013 Jacob Balzani Lööv. All rights reserved.

Fukushima in Switzerland

Few released pictures from my last small commission for Greenpeace. We just had few minutes to get the pictures and to record this spectacular video before being interrupted … Here is the story brief: 5. March 2013, Muehleberg,Switzerland: Last night, Greenpeace … Continue reading

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Being an activist

It is 12 degree below zero when I arrive in Davos during the yearly World Economic Forum. It would be a beautiful day for skiing. It is still foggy but the fresh powder snow fills the valleys and cover lightly … Continue reading

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Added Luxury

Well, I guess i should show also the assignments in which I was not very successful, right? We had to work on a 5 picture story for this assignment:  1)The second picture, where she’s holding the book it is not … Continue reading

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Anti Nuclear – Occupy Kasumigaseki

While in Tokyo I had the chance to visit the tent of the pacifist and antinuclear activists which are occupying, since september 2011, the space in front of the Ministry of the Economy, of Trade and Industry (METI). On this … Continue reading