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The unexpected

Sometimes I just have to leave the ordinary for a place where I have never been to rediscover the nomadic explorer which resides in me. It doesn’t have necessarily to be as far as Azerbaijan, it can be just a hidden valley an hour drive away from my italian home to trigger the same happiness. Tired of the city life in Baku, while gathering some pictures about the election in Azerbaijan, I decided to head North towards the border with Dagestan. Curiously just the name of this forgotten country, Dagestan, is enough for me to unlock my imagination. Few hours away from the haze of the oil fields were enough to make me again the explorer I dream to be: the minibus drive along the Black Sea, the night in a small Hotel close to where, they say, the next day maybe some drivers from Xinaliq might have took me in their magic town… Sometimes there is more beauty than you would have ever imagined. And it’s this unexpected which makes you an explorer even in a world where there are not hidden spot on the map anymore.

At home, researching and dreaming new Caucasian projects, full of variables and of unexpected outcomes, I like to recall these two days in which I just abandoned myself and I found a moment of happiness.


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