What am I doing here?

I went back to few simple black and white film pictures I took few years ago while I was working at a research station in the middle of the Alps (Jungfraujoch). I had to go back because I started to feel slightly lost in the world of photography. At the beginning of the second term our professors told us that they would have dismembered us and hopefully at the end put all our tiny little parts together again. I am not sure about this second part.  We tried many different way of working and we went through the most amazing photography work which has been created and at the end I found myself lost within it. What do I want to do? What do I want to achieve with my pictures? Everybody has it is own personal story and in this almost flat city (there are quite few hills indeed) I forgot how mountains are deeply part of myself. They became slowly part of me and they are linked to me for the good and bad things that happened. I can’t get rid of it.

It is not only about mountains, many different things became part of me and somehow they should be a part of me in my photography. How? No answers yet. What is so special in mountains? The space, the long long way before meeting another human. Its everywhere simplicity, you don’t need complex explanations, things are like they are…

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