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1 year, many friends

When I moved to London one year ago I would not have expected to find so many extraordinary people during the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at LCC. While I could blame the University for the ridiculous lack of resources and the organization, I really appreciated how our professors were able to put together the class, extraordinary not only at technical level but also at human level. Most of the classmate became good friends, which is great. I feel relieved that whatever will happen, whenever I fill myself in a nasty situation somewhere in the world, I could count on them, on their experience and their suggestions. This series of portraits is a gift and a way to tell them how I miss them, now that I am back in Italy. Not all of them are portrayed, only the ones who were lucky-unlucky to finish in front of my Hasselblad (unsharp pictures), my Rolleiflex (pictures without feet), and the Mamiya that Katherine lent me (rectangular pictures).

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