Being an activist

It is 12 degree below zero when I arrive in Davos during the yearly World Economic Forum. It would be a beautiful day for skiing. It is still foggy but the fresh powder snow fills the valleys and cover lightly every tree. Unfortunately I am not here for this, I am here because I am an activist and I want to deliver a message. Actually it is not only me, we are several individuals with the same idea. Although big media are more attracted to spectacular actions, you can be an activist just with very small things. Activists are very normal persons. Being an activist means simply to take action, to advocate for a certain cause whenever you feel there is an injustice and something to be changed. Nothing more. Today is about preserving a pristine and beautiful Arctic. Today I am a “tree hugger” as somebody would say but often activist bring their contribution to many different fields and in many different ways. Tomorrow it might be for human rights or peace.

As a photographer I often feel like an activist, bringing certain issues into the attention of the media but today I am here primarily to demonstrate, I took pictures only after my role finished. It requires some dedication to stand 6 hours in the cold, chained to a petrol station, but it helps to remind people where the oil they buy comes from and how the arctic is now more endangered as it is now opening to exploitation.

ARCTIC STORY @Greenpeace

VIDEO  @Greenpeace



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