I asked my father which was his favorite trail and, since he cannot walk properly anymore, I did it alone today. The mountain is called Helags, the highest mountain in Häriedalen (1.797 m asl.), the swedish province from where my father comes from, under the top sits the southern glacier of sweden which is getting smaller year by year.

I always asked myself from where the passion I have for large inhabited spaces and mountains comes from. I rarely visited my father during my childhood so I guess I missed all those thing that children do with their father. I even don’t know what I missed because I have never lived it and I will not be a kid anymore. Today I felt this need for huge spaces has always been encoded in me, in my blood (blod, in swedish). The region were my father grew up is one of the most mountainous of Sweden: I had to drive for 60 km on unpaved road and walk for 30 km to reach the top of this mountains and breath immensity. And I laughed overwhelmed by joy. The nordic wilderness is very different from the one in the Alps, is driven by space and you can understand it only with your own pace. The alpine one is often constructed by technical difficulties, difficult climbs, for example, where you are never too far from other humans but where you made yourself almost unreachable.

Back home I told my father I made it and he was happy.

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