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Formal Portraits

And this week portraits, formal portraits. A formal portrait is a portrait were the background does not play an important role, it can all of an uniform color, it can be even a room, but it  should not draw to much attention, the only person which matter is the subject. We had a nice briefing watching the jumping portraits of Philippe Halsman, the beautiful Hollywood style of  Yousuf Karsh and the simplicity of Nigel Parry. Some explanation about the shootings below….

After a great introduction to flashes from Bruno we decided to try to isolate people in the street using a black curtain, one or two flashes, a white umbrella and some reflectors. We decided to work in a small group because it si more fun, because we needed some monkeys to hold the reflectors and to learn from each other. We just moved our little set through Exhibition Road, S. Paul, Embankment and Victoria stopping people and see what was happening. The most important thing I learned was how to approach people and what you can ask them to make the portrait more interesting. Some subjects are very interesting per se but with others you have to play a little… I like the concept of isolating them, as Kurt Anderson did for The Protester. In this case the people are dressing warm clothes in a particularly cold winter day…

As for the street photography assignment I could not stop, well I can’t stop and I want to get more and more portraits!

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