Human Relations

This time we had to focus on the relations between individuals, so at least two person interacting between each other. The hardest part is to find persons which allow you to take pictures while they are doing something very common like discussing or embracing or whatever. Even friends seems not to like it. As Patrick, one of the professors said during the tutorial I was not very successful this time. I was coming back from Japan and I had only one day in Zuerich and one day in London, not much to organize something. I tried with an hostess and a steward in the back of the plane (“Do you mind if I take picture of you while you are chatting/flirting”) but they start watching me as if I was a crazy maniac. So I opted for two friends discussing science, a friend discussing a theater project and the gentle girl that she allows me to stay at her house while she was with her personal trainer.

It is difficult to focus on the relations, you have to catch gestures, facial expression and compose an interesting picture meanwhile. In my photographic life I never focused on it  but I have to admit is a very interesting world…

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