I went to the Zoo

Still for the environmental portrait assignment I went with Pegah to the zoo hoping to take cool pictures of workers with their animals. But without permission no way …

After wandering for one hour I started to be very attracted by all this couples (it was still Valentine but I had the impression that, visiting the zoo, is more a group rather than individual experience) and their relations with what the strange animals caged… the color of the people, the color/dress of the animal, the way people choose to dress, so I stopped in front of each cage and waiting for the people I was interested into. Since it was getting in low light situation and I had to work with a low depth of field I wasted a lot of nice pictures making them unsharp.

Animals have to learn indeed to behave better in from of the camera, I can’t keep the people waiting for one hour to have the Lamas mating in a corner of the image. Or I can?

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  1. colors from the last is awesome!!!

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