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Once landed in Italy, for the asylum seekers starts a long wait. If on the paper their case should be examinated within 30 days, in average it lasts more than a year. Work is not allowed for the first two months. Due to the increased number of asylum seekers in the last years (especially until the end of 2014 but expecting to increase again this summer as safer corridors are getting harder), the few government institutions have been backed up by C.A.S (Extraordinary Shelters) which rely on private entrepreneurs and associations and are finally financed by the European Refugee Fund with 35 Euros for each registered asylum seeker. In exchange of this money each C.A.S. should provide a list of services, from the basic needs like food, housing and clothes, to courses of language and professional trainings.

Profitless hotels, unused schools or forgotten buildings have been brought back to life as C.A.S. all around Italy in unexpected places of our territory, as the one represented in the following pictures: the residence of Villa Cristina near the Orta Lake in northern Italy.

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