Maslenitsa (in London)

And after sometime playing with the scanner, here are some of the portaits I took at the Maslenitsa event in Trafalgar Square. I was testing different rolls, the first half is fuji reala and the second half is kodak portra. I am more used to use portra and I still have to understand fuji reala and the correct way to develop it after the scan.


  1. Congratulation. Very good portrait’s!!! Is It all from Maslenitsa in London?

    • Jacob Balzani

      Thanks. Yes, they are all (I have something more in digital) and they are all from London!

  2. I see that you have start to make a good collection of street color portraits from London. May be you want to make some story for Angle with this subject?

    • Jacob Balzani

      I will continue doing it! When I will feel I have something I will tell you!

  3. Mallvina

    If not the last picture, I would definitely say, that it is Russia. You chose the colours perfectly, reminds me the old-good-russian movies…

    • Jacob Balzani

      Actually I am not completely happy with the colors, they are not very consistent …

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