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I spent most of the past months covering the events in Ukraine and I haven’t updated my blog in a while… here are few pictures I took in Uppsala after my last assignment in Sweden.

What is going on? It is the famous Student Party which, as I understood, possibly wrong, works like this:

1- Well dressed students, with the traditional white hat are locked inside the school waiting for their final grade. If they pass they are allowed to exit the main door with the hat, if not they exit from the backdoor among great shame. At least it was like this until the 60s when they abolished the tradition, being a bit too shameful for the bad students and often ending in great despair or worst. Since nowadays students don’t fail anymore and because is cool this folkloristic habit was then revamped.

2- Their parents wait outside with the most funny picture of their finally grown-up children that they were able to find in their family albums.

3- The student exit and have to find their parents and friends which present them with gifts in the form of a necklace which has to be made with a blue and yellow ribbon (the swedish flag). Often the gift is alcohol, one of the most precious things in Sweden.

4- To end the ritual passage to adulthood, the parents bring their victorious students to a truck, a tractor or whatever moves that will tow them screaming all around the town, until they get incredibly drunk.


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