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VG 12

Last year adventure in Valgrande was epic. Not because of the terrific quantity of food, that became a standard, it was epic because many people wanted to come despite the very bad weather, rainy, snowy and foggy. Honour to the … Continue reading

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Valgrande: a Rite

It is the 10th time we descended into Valgrande. It was October and the first snow melted to let us through. Following the same steps, lighting the same stoves, bathing in the same pound. Among changing, light, weather and revolutions … Continue reading

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Being an activist

It is 12 degree below zero when I arrive in Davos during the yearly World Economic Forum. It would be a beautiful day for skiing. It is still foggy but the fresh powder snow fills the valleys and cover lightly … Continue reading

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Human Relations

This time we had to focus on the relations between individuals, so at least two person interacting between each other. The hardest part is to find persons which allow you to take pictures while they are doing something very common … Continue reading