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Journalists (III): Heather Brooke

Heather Brooke worked as a political and crime reporter in the US before moving to Britain.  Her investigation into the expense accounts of Members of Parliament led to the biggest clear-out of  british politicians. Thanks to her corruption became something more than an overseas practice.

She likes to define herself not only a journalist but an activistCampaigning journalism is very different from propaganda. Being a campaigner means to be able to identify problems (actively searching for them, verifying the granted information) and to try to solve them. On the other hand, propaganda is trying to bring people believe something which is not absolutely true.

Journalism should not be only an industry producing content. Journalism has a civic function which is to be the watchdog of powers. A local council meeting, a local police station might not be so interesting but if there are no journalists, no observers, then people can do what they want and tell what they want in absence of any witness.

Attracted by the relations and the flows of Power she has some prejudices on politicians. They are normally unsure persons and usually they can’t last longer than 2 years before being seduced by power itself. After this short period of time politicians would not guarantee anymore their own initial program.

Heather Brooke believes therefore that a constant control of the activity of a government is essential and there should be a free flow of information, granted by an appropriate freedom of information legislation in each country.



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