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Tokyo Noise

Three years after my short visit to Japan (where I learned to love cat bars), it has been nice to get again a taste of it at hohlzke, my friends place in Switzerland.  They organised a great two day festival among japanese amenities and great artists performing in butoh, contemporary dance, calligraphy, experimental music and so on.  The different artists (check the list below) performed either solo either in amazing improvised jam sessions. Enjoy the pictures!

Imre Thormann (butoh show & workshop) + Kazehito Seki (organic voice noise) + Niton (pre/digital string noise) + Overload Collapse feat. SuperMila (harsh noise) + MorriSato – ?? (drone, noise) + Tomoko Sauvage (hydrophonic electro-acoustics) + Dave Phillips (ritual protest music) + Cie Nuna / YoungSoon Cho Jaquet (dryfish performance) + Pei (quadrophonic soundscapes) + Delmore FX (lo-fi twangs, bedroom tribalism) + Multitasking (4wd freeform electronica) + Sylvie Xing Chen (live calligraphy, butoh) + Ememe (drone noise techno) + Pedro Lopes (turntable percussion) + Saga Sigurdardottir (amp dance) + Dani Brown (dance) + Asic Live (bassbeat, poststep, glo-fi) + dj Jordi Fresco (world bass) + Anne Rosset (dance) + Simon Wehrli (dance) + Eva Maria Küpfer (dance) + Martin Andersson (ramen) + Mätti Wüthrich (japan proxies, roboshow)


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