Valentine in Oxford Circus

The 5th assignment was about environmental portraits. I wanted to focus on a well know subject this time and try to express my vision of him. Which well known subjects do I know in London? Mmmm, I am very bad about public subjects. Virgina Woolf, she left us with stone in her pockets. Churchill too. Shakespeare since a long time. And to remain in literature, since I read a lot of classic books most of the writers I love are gone. I should read more contemporary literature. Chatwin? No, ah, here I am, his friend Salman. So I tried to reach Salman Rushdie and I received a first letter from his manager saying it was impossible. Then I wrote back that I can wait and she answered it is very unlikely, which open a new world of possibilities!

By doing this I wasted most of the time and in the evening before the classes I met again Will and Gabriel and we went on the streets to take portraits of unknown people just as an exercise (dealing with people and using flashes) without a very deep meaning behind it. I just wanted to have a picture looking like london with one or more subjects in it …

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